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Expand your development capabilities by hiring a dedicated team of .NET developers with years of experience in the industry you need.

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Hiring .NET developers is easy!

At FLS, .NET experts have top-level proficiency and are able to build custom solutions of any size, scope, and complexity, depending on your project’s needs. Hire .NET development team for a specific project or an ongoing period. It will give you the ability to scale up or down top-notch programmers on time without any delay.

Dedicated Team

  • Large project
  • Evolving scale
  • Flexible time frame and budget
  • Full control over the development process

Time & Material

  • Medium project
  • Changing scale
  • Flexible time frame and budget
  • Significant control over the development process

Individual Developers & Testers

  • Small project
  • Limited budget
  • Flexible time frame
  • The limited set of technologies involved
You can hire our remote .NET software engineers on demand or have an entire team of dedicated developers working for you full-time. Choose an engagement model that works best for you and jump-start your development process. It’ll bring you the perk of tight cooperation with the team to stay on the same page.

Team as a service

At FLS, we will assemble a team of savvy .NET developers according to your requirements, industry, and specific expertise you’re looking for. They will help you build your product fast and drive your digital transformation. Get full control over managing the team and complete transparency of processes.

Time and material

We have a flexible cooperation model that allows hiring a dedicated .NET development team or individual developers, keeping communication and all development processes streamlined and transparent. Pay only for time and resources spent on the project.

Expert .NET Developers

Depending on the needs and goals of your project, we can supply you with individual .NET experts who will make a perfect fit for your in-house team and help you solve any challenges and complexities.

How to hire .NET developers from Fresh Lime Soft?

We handle the recruitment process from scratch to hire .NET developers well-suited for long-term projects. You will get experienced professionals in building software products. Hiring a qualified candidate is not only about the skills and abilities, but it’s also about how candidates match with your company’s culture.

Drop an inquiry

Consult with our experts

Select engagement model

Choose CVs according to your needs

Interview candidates

Test assignment (optional)

Sign off and begin work

Scale your team

  1. Contact our expert team
  2. Choose an engagement model
  3. Select developers
  4. Get an estimate
  5. Scale your team
  6. Start working on the project.

Available .NET developers to hire

We move gears from the first meeting. Scale your dedicated team of pre-vetted .NET developers with the push of a button.
Vitaly M.
  • Senior Back-end Developer
  • 5+ years of experience

Skillful developer, always investigating in myself, learning and trying to solve more difficult tasks.

SQL Server
+ 2
Oleg G.
  • Senior Back-end Developer
  • 6+ years of experience

Never-ending learning process leads to big success. Prefer to create difficult systems and develop their quality.

SQL Server
+ 2
Ilya R.
  • Senior Back-end Developer
  • 5+ years of experience

As a high class back-end specialist I can help raise up the process of developing.

SQL Server
+ 4
Alex M.
  • Middle Back-end Developer
  • 4+ years of experience

Through the whole working experience I faced a lot of difficult tasks and no one has left unsolved.

SQL Server
+ 3

Benefits of hiring .NET developers through Fresh Lime Soft

Hire dedicated .NET developers and make sure it’s true. Our top-tier programmers are fully trained to develop a high performance application that delivers under pressure.


IT talents


Years of expertise


Delivered projects


Industries we serve


Weeks to kick-off


Time to first CVs in hand

All our projects and your ideas are protected from being stolen or shared by non-disclosure agreements (NDA)

We do everything, from hiring professional Dot Net developers to trusted web hosting services, at our premises

We use Agile software development lifecycle phases to stay flexible through the whole development cycle.

We employ and maintain the highest level of security practices to build enterprise-grade applications.

We update you 24/7 on your project's progress and maintain transparency throughout its development.

You can rest assured that you'll work with cherry-picked developers or a ready-to-go team of skilled professionals

Each project gets a dedicated business development manager who'll work with your product.

Don’t dream for success

You are a moment away from hiring an awesome .NET development team

Hire .NET experts

Our .NET development services

.NET development can become your game-changing solution and add even more value to your brand. Dot Net web application development helps millions of businesses bring the impossible to reality.

Custom .NET development

Our highly-skilled specialists are ready to undertake .NET development projects of any complexity. We cover all stages of .NET web app development and engage needed in-house IT professionals to build top-notch software with outstanding performance in a timely manner.

.NET migration services

The .NET framework is becoming more popular among companies and the demand for it is continuously growing. If you need to migrate your existing apps, our dot NET team is here to help you create it.

Dedicated .NET developers

Scale up your team with our pre-vetted dot NET developers and architects. Our experts are ready to build software products right away. Hire .NET developers or dedicated .NET development teams without wastin time. Fresh Lime Soft helps companies worldwide deliver state-of-the-art solutions providing them with multiple .NET development team augmentation models.

.NET strategy & consulting

We provide expert .NET consulting services for our clients. Our experts will help you prove your product idea and choose the best technologies before the team digs into the development process. We help draw up .NET app development roadmaps, define feature sets, select the best-suited tools

.NET mobile app development

With our mobile development team and extensive expertise in .NET and Xamarin application development, you will get custom, end-to-end, scalable, high-performing mobile apps tailored for your unique business needs. Fresh Lime Soft creates custom cross-platform mobile solutions for iOS and Android within a reasonable budget and time frame

.NET enterprise application development

From scalable ERP to CMS systems, dot NET development services are useful for building all types of enterprise applications for seamless operations.

.NET 3rd party integrations

Our expert team can create custom .NET app functionality to provide smooth product integrations with other 3rd party services. We can help you connect other essential business apps with your solution.

Migration to ASP.NET Core

FLS helps migrate existing applications to ASP.NET Core to improve app performance, reduce infrastructure maintenance costs, and increase scalability. We perform migration work with minimal expenses for businesses.

Why use .NET for building applications?

.NET has many features that allow us to create, customize and optimize web and mobile applications, content management systems be as fast and performing as possible.

1. Cost-Efficiency

DotNET technology is an open-sourced framework that allows incorporating reusable code. It’s an opportunity to reduce the turnaround time and the team's effort, which leads to lower product development costs.

2. High Performance and Productivity

DotNET development services gain greater popularity as this framework performs much faster than other platforms available on the market. The framework has amazing class libraries, common APIs, and multi-language support that improves developer productivity. DotNET is known for its reliability and speed.

3. Easy to Use

There are a host of class libraries and APIs that developers can simply use to add new features. The framework offers a broad range of tools and easy integration with all the leading databases.

4. Security and Reliability

DotNET-based products have high-level security. This technology uses code management that is more secure due to the Windows Configuration. DotNET has specific services that prevent security issues and provide full data protection to its users.

5. Scalability

You can ramp up and down your talent force on demand. Thanks to our easy hiring process, it’s easy to stay adaptable to evolving needs.

6. Cross-Platform Development

Want to build a lightweight web application or a powerful enterprise-level solution? DotNET is your go-to technology that allows you to create and run code on different platforms using one programming environment and set of tools. Our team will create lightweight mobile app products with bespoke design, intuitive and user-friendly interfaces.

7. Access to Expert Developers

One of the strongest DotNET framework benefits is a large-scale market and accessibility to skilled talent. On average there are 5 to 8 million DotNET developers in the world, many of whom are seniors. This is good news for everyone who’s looking for hiring DotNET developers team with a proven track record.

Awards & Recognition

award-Business of Apps
award-Business of Apps
Hire the best, leave the rest!

Scale up your team with our pre-vetted .NET programmers and get extended long-term support for your project.

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.NET development for any industry

With 7+ years of .NET development experience under our belt we’ve gained notable competence in developing custom software for a wide variety of business domains, even those requiring complex technologies and skills.

Supply Chain & Logistics

Our company follows the best practices for successfully providing FinTech software development services. We offer in-depth FinTech domain expertise, high-quality engineers, robust development processes, flexible customer-oriented approach to help our clients create the next-generation financial products.

Everything you need to know about how we build .NET apps

1. What is .NET development?

.NET is an enterprise technology developed in 2002 with Microsoft. .NET is suitable for creating a Windows, Linux, macOS, Docker package solution. The platform is multi-language, innovative, and has a large dev community worldwide. .NET is a complete package and top choice for businesses which would like to push limits in the digital space.

2. Why should I hire dedicated .NET developers?

Hiring dedicated .NET developers ensures faster delivery of projects with a lower investment. Dedicated developers work solely on your projects and you benefit from the extra time and attention. Other benefits include:

    • Development team functions like an in-house team
    • Skilled and experienced development team
    • No start-up fees or hidden costs
    • Quality product delivery
    • Complete control over the project
    • Cost-effective and flexible hiring.

3. How much does it cost to hire .NET developers?

The cost of .NET software development will depend on the project's complexity, functionality, and the choice of the hiring model. An average hourly rate for hiring a specialist through Fresh Lime Soft starts at $35/hour. However, depending on the location and qualification of the programmer in question, the cost may be twice as high.

4. How much time does it take to develop an application with .NET?

The delivery time depends on the choice of the hiring model, the size and complexity of the project. You can stay assured that we will assemble the team for your project as soon as we sign our agreements.

5. What kind of applications can you build using .NET?

At Fresh Lime Soft, we can build anything from cross-platform, mobile apps to complex enterprise solutions—we just need to know your project requirements and objectives to start!

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