Fresh Lime Soft has many years of experience in implementing design for various platforms, whether they be Web, Desktop, or Mobile. UI and UX are very closely related, and they directly affect the success of an IT product. A good interface will help your business gain a competitive advantage. UX / UI is a field in which our company is particularly strong.

Businesses lose sales because their sites and applications are not user-friendly. A visitor can’t make a purchase because they don’t understand how. A "beautiful site" does not solve this problem. Our design is based on years of studying user behavior on sites of various topics. This allows you to naturally lead a person to take a desired action.

We take an integrated approach to design. Before starting any project, our specialists carefully familiarize themselves with the specifics of the client's company, study their requirements, and analyze the product in order to fully implement the project design and meet all of the client’s needs.

We use an individualized approach for each project, never template solutions.

Our creative approach allows us to achieve our main goal when developing a project - to develop an original, competitive, fully-functional product that meets the product’s requirements and the customer’s needs.

Contact our company for a consultation, and we will prepare a commercial proposal with a technical assignment for the project, based on an analysis of your company’s market, the target audience and competition in the chosen niche.