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Upgrade the quality of your software by outsourcing this task to a QA testing team

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Software Quality Assurance services

We ensure that quality comes first in every project. By combining seamless quality assurance processes and the best performance tracking tools, we mitigate project risks and ensure outstanding product performance.

Manual QA testing

We focus on early testing and avoid possible errors by employing manual QA testing. We leverage our expert test engineers to ensure that the end product meets the most stringent quality standards.

Performance testing

We check how stable, fast, scalable, and responsive your product or system is; we help you understand its capacity and potential areas that require optimization.

Load testing

We reveal how your system works in normal conditions and define the maximum workload it can withstand at peak conditions. We also find ways to keep the system stable at all times.

Functional testing

We ensure that your app works according to pre-determined requirements, check whether all features work as expected, and cover all possible scenarios, including failure paths.

Regression testing

To avoid the adverse effect of any modification and ensure that your software application functions properly after updates and improvements, we conduct regression testing.

Most common QA testing issues

Low product quality
  • circleProduct performance is unstable
  • circleDefects are accumulating
  • circleUsers don’t see value in the product
Shortage of QA resources
  • circleInadequate testing schedule
  • circleInsufficient testing environment and tools
  • circlePoor integration of testing and engineering processes
Immature Testing Process
  • circleUndefined quality standards to test
  • circleLow test coverage, irrelevant test documentation
  • circleInsufficient manual testing
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Why should you partner with Fresh Lime Soft for QA services

Exceptional reputation
We have years of experience and expertise, and our reputation is verified by numerous client reviews on Clutch.
100 % Transparency
We tend to ensure transparency in all our processes so that you always know what’s going on at every stage of your project development.
Quality-Driven Approach
We strive to achieve perfect quality in every project; therefore, we employ our expert team of QA engineers at every development stage.
Excellent Communication Skills
From ideation to product deployment, all issues are openly discussed, allowing us to spot any bottlenecks immediately, identify the root causes, and solve problems efficiently.
Data Protection
Our thoroughly controlled cloud infrastructure allows us to meet the highest information standards around security. Therefore , we can safely claim to be a reliable software development partner.
Individual Approach
Depending on your industry, field, budget, product functionality, scale, and aspirations, we will tailor our services to meet your individual needs.

Our industries

Supply Chain & Logistics

Our company follows the best practices for successfully providing FinTech software development services. We offer in-depth FinTech domain expertise, high-quality engineers, robust development processes, flexible customer-oriented approach to help our clients create the next-generation financial products.

Our works

We make our clients’ software better — that’s all we do.

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