QA Services

Quality Assurance and software testing are routine and systematic processes that ensure that a software product meets the requirements and expectations of the customer. Our experts pay special attention to the quality of the software product. We provide custom software testing services as part of a software development project, as well as dedicated teams of testers to ensure product quality. To ensure the quality of a software product, we apply constant testing throughout the entire software development cycle. This allows us to ensure compliance with standards at all stages, from analysis of technical requirements to implementation of a ready-made solution.

Our FLS specialists have extensive experience in testing various types of software: both simple applications and complex multi-platform software.

QA Services

Fresh Lime Soft testing services help to ensure the quality of a product and avoid bugs or errors in the operation of the software, website or application. To check your project, you can request the services of a single expert, or a whole team of them. We help with product testing both at the development stage as well as active programs, sites or applications. The testing service saves time and money, as well as avoids errors when launching a new product.

Our experienced FLS QA engineers perform various types of testing: automated, functional, systems, stress testing, localization, performance, load, interface and usability testing. Performance analysis and stress tests allow you to investigate the operation of the software during the load period and improve it during promotions, discounts and peak visits to sites and applications. The testing process also allows you to check web resources and mobile applications for compatibility with various devices and operating systems.


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