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Being a trusted mobile application development company, we have expertise in developing mobile app solutions to meet your business requirements.


We will supercharge your app development, deliver the app on time and provide a high-quality maintenance service.
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iPad App Development
Apple Watch App Development
Apple TV App Development
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Our Android team will link your ideas and the expected outcome. Let your app benefit from their deep technical expertise.
Android Mobile App Development
Android TV App Development
Android Tablet App Development
Android Wear App Development


Our team of UI/UX designers, mobile app developers and QA specialists follow clear workflows and deliver solid and fully functional mobile apps.
Hybrid Mobile App Development
Hybrid Tablet App Development
Hybrid TV App Development

iOS app development services

Our thorough knowledge of the internal architecture and an excellent technical understanding of the characteristics of iOS allow us to create convenient, high-quality mobile solutions. Mobile app development for iOS devices allows you to control and manage all aspects of your business. We have iOS programmers of Objective-C and Swift technologies on staff.

Android app development services

Google Android is the most popular operating system today. Your own Google Android mobile app allows you to pinpoint your target audience and meet your marketing goals. We can develop applications for the Android system using Java and Kotlin technologies.

Cross-platform app development services

Fresh Lime Soft also uses cross-platform mobile application development technologies such as React Native, Flutter, and Angular Ionic. Cross-platform entails the creation of applications that can run on different operating systems. Once you've written your application code, you can deploy it across devices and platforms without worrying about incompatibility issues. It’s a versatile approach that is widely used to save development time and money. Specialized cross-platform frameworks are often used for this reason.
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Leverage our seven-year expertise to create a solid software foundation for your business.

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Supply Chain & Logistics

Our company follows the best practices for successfully providing FinTech software development services. We offer in-depth FinTech domain expertise, high-quality engineers, robust development processes, flexible customer-oriented approach to help our clients create the next-generation financial products.


Hire professional mobile app developers

Our dedicated team of 70+ specialists (UI/UX designers, software and quality assurance engineers, business analysts, project managers) create mobile applications, increasing the productivity of your company. Work with the FLS team that combines technical and business skills to turn your idea into a market-ready product.

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FAQ on mobile app development

1. How to manage product development?

There are two options you can choose from:

    • In a Time and Material cooperation model, a personal project manager will oversee all the processes and assist you in each step of product development. This includes team supervision, reporting, and feedback collection.
    • In a Dedicated Team cooperation model, no project manager will be assigned to you. We recommend this option when you have in-house project managers who can oversee all the processes and supervise a dedicated team.

2. What solutions are provided by the mobile app development services?

We provide full-cycle high-end mobile app development services for iOS and Android, from ideation to delivery. We also provide maintenance and ongoing support as well as scale-up on demand. We can help you create a mobile application from scratch based on your requirements and budget. Whether you need an eCommerce or a consumer-oriented solution, an educational app, a business utility, or something in between, we can do it. Moreover, we can step in at any app development stage: project initiation, the middle of the development process, or its final phase when you have issues that need to be fixed. We also provide project consulting.

Here is the list of what we can do:

    • Business analysis
    • Consulting and prototyping
    • Custom iOS and Android apps development
    • UI/UX design
    • QA and testing
    • Maintenance and post-launch support

3. What is custom mobile app development?

Custom mobile app development means creating fully-fledged, stable, and scalable mobile solutions with specific functionality, unique UX/Ul design, and a set of features that will give them a competitive advantage in the market. In other words, we can help your build software app solutions tailored to your specific requirements that meet the unique needs of your users. We can also revamp your existing mobile apps.

What are the benefits of outsourcing mobile app development?

Some of the key benefits of outsourcing your mobile app development are:

    • Individual Approach. Each client gets the desired result.
    • Low Development and Operational Costs. No need to pay for an expensive in-house team.
    • Overall Flexibility. The workplace's time zone is based on your location.
    • Experienced Developers and Testing Teams. You have access to the best specialist in the field for the duration of the project.
    • Fast Delivery. You can rely on a highly effective delivery structure that ensures consistency and minimizes the risk of delays.
    • State-of-the-Art Technology. Rest assured to get enhanced functionalities based on the latest platforms.

4. What are the stages of mobile app development?

Our mobile app development services include:

    • Business Analysis. We gather background information and all the details related to the project, analyze the project requirements, and document them.
    • UI/UX Design. We start by establishing user flows and developing wireframes, then proceed to designing the app screen by screen and delivering a prototype so you can understand how your product will look. We can also help you overcome all modernization challenges with our proven methodology.
    • Development. We use a sprint-based approach and cutting-edge technologies to build custom Android and/or iOS apps. Depending on the project and its functionality, we use platform-specific programming languages like Swift, Objective-C, Java, and Kotlin.
    • Quality Assurance. We conduct rigorous manual and automated QA testing to ensure all bugs are neutralized and issues are resolved before deployment.
    • Release. Then we proceed to the most exciting product launch phase—we publish apps on the App Store and/or Google Play.
    • Maintenance. We provide on-demand post-release maintenance and support.

5. How much does it cost to develop a mobile app?

The app development cost depends primarily on the client's requirements and the complexity of the project. The exact factors that influence the cost are the app type, the choice of the development platform, the number and complexity of app features, and the app design, to name a few. An enterprise-class solution that runs seamlessly on both iOS and Android will cost way more than a basic app on one of these platforms. Contact us with your project requirements to receive an estimate.

6. How long does it take to build a mobile app?

The overall time frame depends on the complexity of the project and design, the number of platforms, the number of features, the size and experience of the development team, your chosen project management model, etc. Our experts can provide an estimated time to completion, after discussing your project with you.

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