Mobile App Development

Mobile application development is more relevant now than ever. Smartphone sales are growing every day, indicating a need for increased attention to applications for mobile devices.

The main advantages of mobile applications are as follows:

  1. 1. More opportunities in functionality development, leading to higher quality and greater user-friendliness (with similar functionality).
  2. 2. Mobile apps are better optimized and run faster than websites.
  3. 3. You can work offline without being dependent on a network (except for cases in which some of an app’s features require internet).
  4. 4. The target users are already visiting mobile app stores; in-store app promotion is much cheaper than SEO promotion.
  5. 5. Mobile apps are much better optimized for mobile devices.
  6. 6. All content is contained within the mobile application, meaning the data does not need to be reloaded every time, as with web applications.
  7. 7. Lower cost of product promotion.
  8. 8. Staying connected with customers, the users of the application. You can constantly send them information about discounts and special offers to keep them interested in your services.
Mobile App Development

What we can do:
Our thorough knowledge of the internal architecture and an excellent technical understanding of the characteristics of iOS allow us to create convenient, high-quality mobile solutions. Mobile app development for iOS devices allows you to control and manage all aspects of your business. We have iOS programmers of Objective-C and Swift technologies on staff.
Google Android is the most popular operating system today. Your own Google Android mobile app allows you to pinpoint your target audience and meet your marketing goals. We can develop applications for the Android system using Java and Kotlin technologies.
Fresh Lime Soft also uses cross-platform mobile application development technologies such as React Native, Flutter, and Angular Ionic. Cross-platform entails the creation of applications that can run on different operating systems. Once you've written your application code, you can deploy it across devices and platforms without worrying about incompatibility issues. It’s a versatile approach that is widely used to save development time and money. Specialized cross-platform frameworks are often used for this reason.
React Native is a powerful cross-platform tool that allows our developers to apply their web development skills to build iOS and Android apps. Its goal is to make cross-platform applications as productive as native ones. React Native is quite popular, as it is already being used by tech giants like Instagram, Facebook, Walmart, Tesla, Pinterest, UberEats and others. Since React Native aims for native-like development results, this framework is most often preferred in the pursuit of productivity. Native also allows our developers to use custom modules in native languages.
Flutter is a new cross-platform tool that allows you to develop iOS and Android apps using the Dart language. Flutter offers a variety of widgets that look native on iOS and Android even though the widgets themselves are not native. Its guiding principle is to create applications with a single code base for mobile, web and desktop platforms. All things being equal, we can say that Flutter outperforms the competition and demonstrates the highest performance thanks to its use of the modern Dart language and its own rendering engine. With Ionic, you can build cross-platform hybrid applications. It works closely with the Apache Cordova framework, which transforms web applications into mobile programs. Ionic, like React Native and Flutter, offers the concept of a single code for different platforms, but on another level. All of its components automatically adapt to the platform on which the application is launched, which means development becomes faster. Also with Ionic, you can freely use JavaScript, Angular, React or Vue. Ionic’s main advantage is that it allows for quick testing that can be run right in the browser.


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