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Fast-track your project launch and reduce the costs with MVP development services. Turn your ideas into Minimum Viable Products using the best software features and functionalities.

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At Fresh Lime Soft, we offer MVP development services and focus on creating start-ups that deliver complex value-based solutions.

Starting a new project is a challenge. We know better than anyone how important it is to explore the potential of an idea with the minimum cost and the least amount of time. By partnering with us, you can verify your idea and create a pitch for investors. We can help you fast-track your project launch, optimize, and reduce development costs.

Our knowledge and technical capacity enable us to work with projects of varying complexity. Depending on your needs and the product specifications, we'll choose the best suitable tech stack and development approach. Together, we will test hypotheses and choose the ones that can be scaled up into a feature-rich product.

Our MVP app development services

Prototype Design & Development

We design a fully functional prototype that shows the business flow of a future product. Based upon your needs and goals, as well as user profiles and preferences, we will create an MVP with the minimum functionality to be presented to potential investors and customers.

MVP for Web Development

We help clients improve their business visibility by creating high-quality web solutions. By using various frameworks, we cover both the front- and backend of MVP development and achieve results in dramatically short timelines.

MVP for App Development

At Fresh Lime Soft, we offer custom mobile app development services and can help you create feature-rich, scalable mobile app solutions tailored to your specific needs. If you need an MVP app to test your idea, we've got you covered.

MVP Testing

Once the development stage is complete, we test your product by utilizing the latest techniques and technologies. We ensure your MVP has excellent performance before release without any compromises.

MVP Consulting

You can come to us with the idea in mind. Our experts will help you carry out technology and business analysis, gather project requirements, choose a priority set of features and the most suitable product development strategy, and provide a time and cost estimate.

Support & Maintenance

We off support until the final release. We also provide post-launch customized support and maintenance services where we validate the MVP's performance, facilitate quick adoption, and implement bug fixes.

Benefits of building MVP with FLS

Launching a full-scale software solution without evaluating the potential of the project and accessing the risks may not be the best business approach. With an MVP, you can test your business model and get insights into what your users consider valuable. Here are five reasons why you should start with an MVP:

Quick Development

An MVP delivery is fast and iterative. Since we only include core functionality with no extra features, the development time gets significantly reduced. You can launch and promote your product within a few months and get user feedback early.

Idea Validation

With an MPV, you can check how well your solution addresses your users' pain points. It allows you to gather market intelligence and validate your idea with little investment during a short time frame. It also allows you to change your hypothesis and strategy if the initial idea proves ineffective.

Cost-Efficient Process

Instead of launching a fully-fledged app, which is very expensive, you can build an MVP. With it, you focus on core functionality, saving on investment. It allows you to avoid unnecessary risks and plan your future project budget more efficiently.

Scalable Products

We deliver easily-scalable and adaptable MVPs that allow your products to evolve and change as fast as your business processes require. If needed, we will assist in the roll out product updates and add new features—anything you need to win the market successfully.

Agile Development

With an MVP, as well as with any other solution, we follow an agile development approach. This methodology allows us to get results early, make changes on the go, and reduce development costs. Each product iteration is tested and reviewed, the entire development process is transparent, and necessary adjustments are made in real time.

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If you need to test your idea and figure out the risks involved in its development, you can rely on us. At Fresh Lime Soft, we have an expert team that will design, develop, and grow your MVP. Following your vision and market demands, we'll advise you on the technology stack and development approach, help you optimize investment and make a great start.

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Fresh Lime Soft industry expertise

Fresh Lime Soft has vast expertise in MVP development, which allows us to deliver products on time and on budget. We've created many MVPs for various industries and can offer the best solution for any business challenge. You can rely on us regardless of the complexity and novelty of your product—we'll have all your technological needs covered.

Supply Chain & Logistics

Our company follows the best practices for successfully providing FinTech software development services. We offer in-depth FinTech domain expertise, high-quality engineers, robust development processes, flexible customer-oriented approach to help our clients create the next-generation financial products.

How we develop MVP software

At Fresh Lime Soft, we have the experience and expertise to choose and implement the most beneficial development methods and strategies. We mostly follow the traditional software development life cycle, adjusting the approach on the go depending on the nature of the project. We also employ a wide range of tools, platforms, and languages to create the best MVP for your business model in the fastest way possible.

Requirements Analysis

To understand your expectations, we examine your product vision, user needs, and project challenges. Together, we select and prioritize the hypotheses for testing and identify a set of custom features to be included in the prototype.

MVP Implementation

Once the requirements are gathered, our MVP development team starts working on the product, implementing the agreed features, and bringing it to life as a functional product. Then we test it to ensure it is faultless prior to launch.

Individual Solutions

Our experience and industry knowledge give us the power to build MVPs of any complexity. Depending on your project, we can deliver a cost-effective, ready-for-growth MVP solution that will address your business needs.

Post-Launch Support

Once we've delivered your MVP, we provide operational and functional expert-level IT support to ensure your product works as expected. We also implement updates and fix any existing problems.

What our customers say


Helen Lonskaya

Chief of Sales & Marketing at Codabrasoft LLC

Our experience was great, and we were really satisfied. Their professionalism and ability to meet deadlines were exceptional. Their pricing was reasonable, and we saved margin for the end client. This project is already on the market, and our end client is using it with their end clients. The solution is profitable and the results were very positive. Everyone is satisfied. There were no cons about the engagement. We’re sure that Fresh Lime Soft will grow very fast and get more clients. You can expect transparency, a high level of communication, and high quality if you work with them. I strongly recommend them.

Neil Kamau

Neil Kamau Crawford

Founder & CEO at Anytime Soccer Training

I can't speak highly enough about the team at Fresh Lime Soft. As a start-up with a modest budget, trust, professionalism, communication, and execution are important to me. I needed a company that did more than just code. I needed an IT thought leader. What I received from Fresh Lime was even more. They are truly a technical partner who has implemented all phases of my website.Fresh Lime has helped turn my dream into reality. They helped me design and implement my web application at every phase. As a matter of fact, they save me considerable money in the long term by ensuring the structure and design of my site was suitable to grow with my vision.I can't speak highly enough about the team. I normally write a two-sentence review (if that), but they deserve your attention and I really want to do my part to help them become even more successful.I recommend them without reservation. Please check out and feel free to contact me for a reference.

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Why choose our MVP development company?

Fresh Lime Soft is the best choice for your ambitious project for a number of reasons:

Experienced Team

We are a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals who will create a reliable, scalable, and unique MVP app based on your needs and requirements and help you bring it to market.

NDA Adherence

All our projects are protected by non-disclosure agreements. We do not share confidential project-related and client information with any third parties, so you can be rest assured that your privacy is respected.

Flexible Cooperation Models

For the convenience of our clients, we offer flexible working models. Depending on your needs and budget, you can choose to have a development team appointed for your project on an hourly, weekly, or monthly basis.

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Do you have a software development project to implement? Share your business needs or ideas with us. We will get in touch with you within 1 business day.

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