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We create complex secure enterprise app development solutions and build reliable software integration, that solve your business pain, respond market needs, transform internal operations, and follow the latest digital trends

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Enterprise app and software development process

At Fresh Lime Soft, we understand that every company will have unique needs and challenges. That is why we use both Agile and Waterfall management structures with our software development process. However, we can provide a general outline for our clients to better understand what to expect when working with our expert developers, designers, and support staff.
We will sit down together and review your history, culture, expectations, and goals to find a software solution for your project. Even if you haven’t begun to outline specifics, our team can help you develop a valid big picture idea along with measurable benchmarks to start painting a pathway forward. We want to design a final product aligned with your business and goals.
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We undertake one more step: an internal process known as Evaluation. This is when our managers will come together to review the software development process for your project and make any adjustments to our team, technology, or systems to ensure an even better experience in the future. By remaining flexible to the needs of our clients and constantly evaluating our abilities, we set a foundation of high-quality expectations each and every time.

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Supply Chain & Logistics

Our company follows the best practices for successfully providing FinTech software development services. We offer in-depth FinTech domain expertise, high-quality engineers, robust development processes, flexible customer-oriented approach to help our clients create the next-generation financial products.


Hire a high-performing team to make your business better through technology

Our dedicated team of 70+ specialists (UI/UX designers, software and quality assurance engineers, business analysts, project managers) create enterprise app solutions, increasing the productivity of your company. Work with a FLS team that combines technical and business skills to turn your idea into a market-ready product.

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Everything you need to know about how we build enterprise software

1. What is an enterprise software development company?

Enterprise software (EAS) is used to solve a problem or streamline a business process for an organization instead of an individual user. An enterprise software development company like ours focuses on crafting tailormade applications and software solutions that support the activities of a company, group, or organization. This could be anything from human resource management systems for hybrid work models to bespoke customer service platforms that enhance the touchpoints of your customers with your brand, no matter the location. Using customized EAS solutions allows your company to stay competitive in the current marketplace that leverages digital transformation as an asset while keeping up with the modern consumer's demand.

2. What is the enterprise software development process?

FLS adapts each of our enterprise application development services to the unique client. In general, you can expect a framework like:

    • Collecting requirements
    • Designing prototypes
    • Development
    • Testing
    • Implementation & Integration
    • Support & Maintenance

We will work closely together during each of these steps to ensure the safety and integrity of your data and processes are well protecte and functioning smoothly as we integrate and launch your new solution.

3. What are the challenges of enterprise software development?

The needs and demands of any of our enterprise app development projects will largely depend on the technology, clients, and final customers. We work hard to ensure all the data storage, integration, security, and UI/UX challenges are quickly overcome by leveraging our experience and professional expertise, but there are always outliers that will pop up requiring a bespoke solution. That is half the fun of enterprise software development, and FLS is prepared to meet those roadblocks as they occur through proper planning and proper flexibility. The key to success is always having clear, concise, and collaborative communication.

4. Can we schedule a call to discuss my web or mobile app idea and understand your technical capabilities and stacks?

Of course! The excellent support team behind FLS is always ready to schedule a meet-up and discuss your unique situation and how our professional team can craft a functional enterprise app solution. You are also welcome to use our contact form or email available on [our contact page](https://www.freshlimesoft.com/contacts).

5. What are the capabilities of enterprise software?

The reality of what we can build together depends on your imagination. Most clients we receive expect an enterprise-level software solution that streamlines or smoothes out critical challenges. They like to automate processes and integrate technology that offers valuable insights into their daily operations. The more efficient, secure, and scalable the solution, the happier our clients. That is why we rely heavily on the latest trends, technology, machine & AI learning algorithms, and data-driven analytics to provide the best possible outcome for our clients.

6. What are the available platforms to develop enterprise apps?

We have a highly skilled and experienced team of designers and developers who can craft enterprise software development solutions on iOS, Android, Web, cloud, and more. You can check out our tech stacks [here](https://www.freshlimesoft.com/technology). We have been able to meet our clients' challenges with a hybrid working model and technical flexibility because of our experience.

7. Do you sign NDA and NC agreements?

We fully respect the need to maintain your privacy and company competitive advantages. We are happy to sign any NDA and NC agreements or contracts when you have hired our team. We request a short consultation before signing to ensure we have good working communication before moving forward.

8. Why Fresh Lime Soft for enterprise software development?

Why FLS? Simply put, we have the knowledge, experience, background, expertise, and industry awareness that allows us to meet the unique challenges of your usiness. With a broad base of technology and two essential development methodologies, we can combine our international experience and technical ability into a working MVP for your business. We understand how to meet the needs of efficiency, scalability, fault tolerance, and maintainability of your product through a fine-tuned process and clear communication. Our timely delivery and high standards of personal achievement are the best way to grow our business through your satisfaction and possible referral.

9. How do you manage projects?

FLS uses two primary methodologies during our enterprise application development services. First, agile is a development approach that focuses more on product adaptability and client satisfaction to meet their organization or team's unique needs and challenges. The second is the Waterfall process which follows a more traditional lifecycle of ideation, planning, implementation, verification, and maintenance. In either case, our team will work closely with you to craft a pathway forward with measurable benchmarks and transparent communication that ensures your final product fits smoothly and successfully into your business process.

10. How Do Enterprise Software Developers Work for a Company?

FLS uses a core team of expert designers and professional developers that manage the details of any enterprise project. We also have a network of experienced remote and hybrid contractors specializing in a wide array of technologies and working solutions. This gives us the flexibility and agility to respond to any client’s needs and allows our partners the freedom to live and work wherever they would like. We thrive on our international experience and capabilities. We only work with skilled developers that have shown their commitment to professionalism and open communication.

11. Can you take over a partially completed project from another vendor?

Yes. We will review your current enterprise application and review the historical and future context of the project and then decide how to move based on this analysis.

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