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We move gears from the first meeting. Hire dedicated developers to empower your digital product. Scale your team with the push of a button.

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Hiring dedicated developers is easy!

By partnering with FLS, you'll get a team of hand-picked programmers. You can hire proven IT experts for a specific project, or we can arrange a dedicated team for a period you need. Either way, rest assured that you will work with expert-vetted talents.

Dedicated Team

  • Large project
  • Evolving scale
  • Flexible time frame and budget
  • Full control over the development process

Time & Material

  • Medium project
  • Changing scale
  • Flexible time frame and budget
  • Significant control over the development process

Individual Developers & Testers

  • Small project
  • Limited budget
  • Flexible time frame
  • The limited set of technologies involved
We have flexible cooperation models, and you can choose the one that suits your project specifically. There is no need to get in-house developers just for one project—we can help you with our excellent resources.

Team as a service

We can supply you with top-notch developers, implementing custom solutions to suit even the most unique needs. We create software products tailored to match your business niche that will drive your digital transformation.

Time and material

We have the best seasoned developers who employ the latest technologies to build high-performing web and mobile apps. Our flexible cooperation model allows us to connect you with them in an optimal way—by hiring individual software engineers or an entire dedicated team of engineers.

Expert IT talents

You will be able to choose who you'll be working with from our pool of vetted candidates. Hire highly-skilled programmers, delivering scalable products that users love.

How to hire dedicated developers

Drop an inquiry

Consult with our experts

Select engagement model

Choose CVs according to your needs

Interview candidates

Test assignment (optional)

Sign off and begin work

Scale your team

  1. Contact our expert team
  2. Choose an engagement model
  3. Select developers
  4. Get an estimate
  5. Scale your team
  6. Start working on the project.

Available dedicated developers to hire

Alex K.
  • Senior Full-stack Developer
  • 5+ years of experience

Motivated and open-minded professional in front and back-end development specialist with high level of expertise.

+ 6
Roman S.
  • Senior React.js Developer
  • 4+ years of experience

I'm a self-driven and detail-oriented Frontend Developer. I’m always up to learn and gain my skills.

+ 3
Sergei S.
  • Senior React Native Developer
  • 5+ years of experience

Eternally developing mobile applications specialist with a big range of completed projects.

React Native
+ 2
Sergey O.
  • Senior Angular Developer
  • 5+ years of experience

I have 5+ years of IT experience. Solid development experience of different (small and heavy) web apps with a focus on Angular with TypeScript.

+ 2
Filipp L.
  • Senior Node.js Developer
  • 5+ years of experience

Creative Back-end Developer with more than 5 years of strong experience in various areas with willingness to learn. Have a strong expertise in Node.js. Always try to improve my own skills in different technologies. In the near future I want to become a strong Full-Stack developer.

+ 2

Why hire dedicated developers from FLS?

Hiring our software development team for a specific project or an ongoing period will give you the ability to scale up or down top-notch developers in a New York minute. You will get experienced professionals in building software products.

Dedicated Team

We provide dedicated developers to strengthen your engineering team. Depending on your requirements, the scope of work, and the complexity of the project, our staff augmentation service will help you scale your team up or down.

NDA Protection

Discretion is of utmost importance to us. We are concerned about our client's privacy and confidentiality of information; therefore, all our projects are protected by non-disclosure agreements (NDA). We do not disclose any client and project information to any third parties.

No Hidden Cost

The estimate you receive during the project initiation is the final cost of the project. It is calculated based on many variables, with the skill set of the specific engineer and your project requirements being the major deciding factors.

Source Code Ownership

We do not have source code ownership issues: only the client will have the full ownership of the source code. The code delivered for your project will never be used for any other purposes.

On-Time Deployment

We strive for quality, efficiency, and seamless on-time deployment. Therefore, we make sure that your project is delivered within the set time frame without delays. We don’t make excuses, we don’t make you wait.

Communication and Reporting

We prefer a familiar working environment with online collaboration tools that allow us to keep track of work efficiently and provide real-time updates to every stakeholder. Slack and Zoom are the channels we use for communication. Project reporting is done in Jira, Asana, and Teamwork.

Need a reliable tech partner?

Leverage our seven-year expertise to create a solid software foundation for your business.

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Our industries

Supply Chain & Logistics

Our company follows the best practices for successfully providing FinTech software development services. We offer in-depth FinTech domain expertise, high-quality engineers, robust development processes, flexible customer-oriented approach to help our clients create the next-generation financial products.


FAQ on how to hire dedicated developers

1. How do I hire a dedicated developer team?

Before hiring individual developers or a dedicated team for your project, you need to define the range of tasks and the scope of the software requirements. When you've determined and prioritized the tasks, discuss the options and the choice of technology with the sales team. Once everything has been agreed upon, we connect you with the developer (or the developer team), and you can start working on the project.

2. Are your dedicated developers reliable?

All of our dedicated developers are experienced and pre-vetted software engineers. The FLS developers that we embed with your team can help you get any type of project up and running. Regardless of the task or technical and functional specification of the software, they will build the best app in the field that will work across multiple platforms. Among the services we offer are the following:

    • Web Development
    • MVP Development
    • Enterprise Software Development
    • UI/UX Design
    • Mobile App Development
    • QA Services
    • Maintenance and Support

3. Can I hire a dedicated developer by the hour or per project?

You can do both depending on the task and the scope of work. We can provide developers that will work with you several hours per week, or we can embed a dedicated team that will focus on your specific project until its completion. Moreover, we are very flexible and willing to meet all your requirements. Therefore, the hiring model can be changed in the process.

4. How much does it cost to hire developers?

We offer affordable rates and flexible engagement models. However, we can't give you an estimate without analyzing the scope of the software requirements. There are numerous factors that we take into consideration; among them are the type of the project, the technical and functional specification of its development, the choice of the development platform, installation, testing and implementation of the software, and the complexity of design, to name a few. Once we get all the information we need, we provide you with a quote with the expected hours, tech stack required, and our rates (hourly or fixed).

5. Why do I need to hire dedicated developers?

The main reason to hire dedicated developers is to optimize performance and streamline all processes. Instead of hiring in-house developers who fit the specific project but won't be needed in the long term, you can hire dedicated developers and benefit from working with a highly professional and efficient team. You get flexibility in all operations, cost-effective solutions, support, and developers with skill sets tailored to your project needs.

Tech hiring made easy

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