Custom Software Development

Our FLS team has vast experience in Custom Software Development for any task, be it the development of special individual modules or systems with a special architecture.

Fresh Lime Soft provides a full development cycle for Custom Software Development:

  1. - Business analysis: analysis of project tasks, the business processes behind them and creation of detailed documentation.
  2. - Creating software design and architecture: determining which business processes will be implemented; what algorithms will be used for calculations; what technologies (platforms, programming languages, etc.) will be best suited for the tasks.
  3. - Development of the software product: implementation of technical specifications in the form of a program code, user interfaces and databases using selected technologies.
  4. - Testing: checking the reliability, stability, and user-friendliness of the interface and other aspects of the quality of the software product using special testing technologies.
  5. - Implementation of the software product and training of the client's users.
  6. - Support: quick responses to unexpected situations and user needs, as well as to new requests and tasks requiring changes in business processes and software.
Custom Software Development

Our team has developed and implemented many software solutions of various sizes and complexity.

Our clients include both small and medium-sized companies and huge corporations from a wide variety of industries like education, healthcare, logistics, e-commerce, banks and others.

Software development, like any other manufacturing process, is based on logic, a clear structure and accountability for each component. This is the only way to create quality software.


Do you have a software development project to implement? We have the people to work on it. We will be happy to answer all of your questions as well as provide you with an estimate for your project. Use the form below to describe your project and we will get in touch with you within one business day.

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