AI Development Services

Use AI development services to unlock the potential of data to build innovative software that will drive your business to the next level.

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Our expertise

As an AI development company, we are your partner in innovation. With our expertise in machine learning, computer vision, and natural language processing, we are the best match to help you build AI-powered products tailored to fulfill your business vision.

Machine Learning

Our developers are experts in the latest machine learning best practices who can build custom solutions for data processing and analysis, business processes automation, and quality assurance.

Business Intelligence

We offer big data consulting services and develop AI-powered business intelligence tools that simplify data analysis processes using deep learning, machine learning, and NLP.

Predictive Analytics

We pair predictive analytics with AI to ensure more accurate and timely forecasting so that you can optimize your business processes, increase sales, and reduce operational costs.

Natural Language Processing

We analyze all the raw text-based data and help you learn more about your users, products, and markets with our AI-driven NLP services.

Data Capture & OCR

Our team develops custom text recognition software for document processing to help businesses improve accuracy and deliver customer excellence.

Computer Vision

Depending on your business needs, we can implement computer vision and image recognition to help you solve your business tasks, automate workflows, and boost all operations.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) services

As an AI development company, we always keep track of emerging technologies and have developed our proprietary models and tools to deliver benefits to our clients.

1. Natural Language Processing?

Help your business understand human language

    2. Computer Vision

    Get real-time data from videos and images

      3. Robotics Software

      Automate computer tasks performed by people

        4. Smart AI Assistants

        Guide users on their product journey

          5. Robotics Process Automation

          Reduce costs and increase productivity

            6. Recommendation Engines

            Personalize targeting across all channels

              7. Social Intelligence

              Understand how users interact with your product

                8. Predictive Maintenance

                Detect equipment deterioration and fix it in advance

                  9. AI Security

                  Identify, predict, and respond to cybersecurity threats

                    10. Sensor Data Analysis & Fusion

                    Fuse data from multiple sensors for higher accuracy

                      AI services implementation: benefits for your business

                      Advance customer experience
                      Predict customer churn
                      Mitigate business risks
                      Cut down costs
                      Improve work efficiency
                      Simplify data management
                      Increase revenues
                      Improve strategic-decision making
                      Become data-driven business
                      Forecast future trends
                      Improve work efficiency
                      Simplify data management
                      Advance customer experience
                      Predict customer churn
                      Mitigate business risks
                      Cut down costs
                      Improve work efficiency
                      Simplify data management
                      Increase revenues
                      Improve strategic-decision making
                      Become data-driven business
                      Forecast future trends
                      Improve work efficiency
                      Simplify data management
                      Looking for a reliable provider of custom AI software development services?
                      Drop us a line to start your project today! We are here to help your company with the development of custom AI solutions and applications from scratch.

                      Custom Software Development Life Cycle

                      Our development team has worked with businesses from different industries and knows the process of AI-powered tool development perfectly. We'll help you implement cutting-edge AI services in your business to innovate and accelerate it.

                      Problem Identification

                      Before we dive into data, we start with problem identification and determine the technical feasibility of a product that will help solve it, validate its concept, and outline the project scope.


                      Data Collection

                      In the next stage, we collect all necessary data in a way that makes sense to solve the business problem and make it simple and accessible.


                      Data Preparation

                      Then, we proceed to data exploration, cleansing, validation, and structuring (normalization, reduction, and data set creation) before we start with feature engineering and selection.


                      Modeling and Training

                      Next, we build a model(s) around the data we've collected. We then train the model until it is the best it can be for the problem it has to solve.



                      We put the model to the test and start feeding the data into it, then we compare the output with the actual answers and see how accurate it is.


                      Deployment & Improvement

                      At this stage, we integrate a model into an existing production environment to make data-based decisions. We monitor its performance and make improvements based on monitoring results.

                      Fresh Lime Soft industry expertise

                      We're a full-cycle AI software development company with a proven track record in helping businesses achieve their goals and providing them with software solutions tailored to the specifics of their industry.

                      Banking & Finance

                      From financial operations automation to risk evaluation and fraud prevention, employ AI-driven development to analyze client behavior anomalies and accelerate innovation across the finance and banking sector.

                      Automotive Manufacturing

                      Make the most out of the AI opportunities for innovative vehicle production. From complex simulations to equipment defect detection, AI improves automotive manufacturing and maintenance workflows and allows one to process large amounts of vehicle data.

                      Supply Chain & Logistics

                      From supply chain optimization to traffic management, harness AI's potential to facilitate supply planning, design faster and more convenient cargo transportation, detect damage, optimize routes, and improve the entire system.


                      Employ the powers of AI to assess risks, detect fraud, reduce human error, and manage claims. Get an AI-driven insurance software to streamline your services and offer customer plans tailored to their specific needs.


                      Future-proof your retail business by employing AI technology to predict customer behavior and track customer satisfaction, create personalized recommendations, adjust and predict prices, and make your in-store operations more efficient.

                      Healthcare & Pharma

                      Use AI-assisted analytics to improve decision-making, optimize innovation, personalize treatment, improve the efficiency of R&D, drug discovery, and clinical trials. Additionally, use it to make more effective diagnoses, and optimize the overall therapeutic treatment process.

                      AI in Software Development: Frequently Asked Questions

                      1. What is AI in software development?

                      AI enables faster code creation and shortens the entire software development process. AI-enabled optimization drives digital transformation and improves decision-making, which leads to the creation of better and faster software products.

                        2. What is the cost of the AI app?

                        Depending on the complexity of the custom AI application, its size, functionality, and the amount of data to be managed, the cost may range from $50,000 up to $100,000 and higher.

                          3. What is an AI development company?

                          An AI company leverages deep learning, machine learning, computer vision, and natural language processing as well as the skills and knowledge of their experts to transform business processes by building AI applications.

                            4. What are the benefits of AI to businesses?

                            AI provides a number of benefits to businesses that choose to employ it:

                              • Higher revenues
                              • Reduced costs
                              • Business processes automation
                              • Streamlined hiring process
                              • Improved forecasting accuracy
                              • Simplified data management
                              • Improved customer communication
                              • Personalized customer experience
                              • Business risks mitigation and so much more

                            With AI, businesses get more than they spend - from better customer satisfaction and strengthened brand loyalty to bigger profits and new opportunities.

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