Artificial Intelligence allows for the implementation of even the most seemingly impossible ideas. It solves difficult problems, automates business processes where previously not possible, and creates additional competitive advantages.

Artificial Intelligence has had a huge impact on how we develop applications and we can expect a better application to be developed in the current environment. Understanding AI will shape the future of software development. Most businesses today show interest in AI. Eighty percent of companies are wisely investing in AI. An AI strategy has been designated by almost 47% of businesses with a developed digital structure. It is predicted that by 2021, artificial intelligence tools alone will generate $2.9 trillion in business of:

Artificial Intelligence is a broad concept that includes many disciplines, methodologies, tools, algorithms and systems. We specialize in the development.

Data science - The analysis of a large amount of data, the search for cause-and-effect relationships, patterns and conclusions. It will help automate routine processes and find solutions to problems that are beyond human capabilities to solve.

Machine learning - Allows a system to draw conclusions and find relationships without following rigidly set rules. It is used in the recognition of speech, gestures, images, diagnostics, prediction, classification, etc.

Fresh Lime Soft has the following expertise in Machine Learning: Market analysis; Customer churn forecast; Machine vision; Social network research.