Transport Management System

FLS designed a unique integrative transport management system dashboard available through a web application as well as iOS and Android-based apps that allowed the Client to offer digital solutions to a rapidly growing and in-demand target market.

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Automotive, Shipping & Logistics

Technology stack :

React Native, React.JS, Node.JS, PostgreSQL, iOS, Android, Amazon Web Services

Timeline :

11 months

Team size:

9 people

About the Client

Our Client offers bespoke software and logistics services to the car carrier and towing company niche. This is achieved by leveraging a transport management system explicitly designed to improve operations for the target market with extreme scalability needs. This is based on the Client’s more than 15 years of experience within the logistics sector. The company is well-known and can provide valuable insight into potential end users' challenges. This allowed FLS to utilize our innovative design services to overcome these issues with robust software solutions.

Project Brief

This project will require a single-point system for clients from enterprise-level transport businesses to independent car carriers and sub-contractor towing owners/operators. That means the final product should allow all users the same access to essential operations through a single transportation management system available on mobile and web applications. This includes features like:

  • Receiving and generating project digital run sheets with active dispatching
  • GPS tracking, proof of delivery, vehicle reports, and verification via digital signatures
  • Connecting carriers, shippers, and towers through an integrated messaging system
  • Allow users to connect, book, and move their vehicles
  • Real-time updates and notifications designed for car transportation providers.


The Client is part of an industry experiencing rapid growth from recent technological and system innovations. That includes users from all over this niche market finally adopting web-based and mobile apps for the first time. This creates challenges concerning:

  • Transportation management system software that is scalable to account for the high increase in volume within the car carrier industry
  • Modern technological solutions to manage both the volume change and the need for easy-to-understand front-end usability by those who may not have had such tools in the past
  • An effective system that responds to market demands and any disruptions within the local and larger supply chains.


FLS was a pivotal contributor to the initial MVP release in January of 2021. This was directed at shippers and carriers to digitize the primary components of business and industry operations. By demonstrating how anyone of any business size could streamline processes like booking needs, dispatch management, and backend office requirements, we were able to find an appropriate solution the Client could efficiently market. This included a quality UI/UX presentation to attract other early adopters within the industry. These adopters provided enough data-driven insight for our team at FLS to test and iterate.

The direct result is a second Beta release that added features like user management, payment gateways via Stripe, GPS tracking, adding teams, and controlling subscription plans. By integrating these new improvements, we are able to better provide a marketable solution to the Client that could be directed at offering:

Solutions for Carriers:

  • Scalable transportation management system software available on multiple devices
  • Ability to create bookings, allocate runs, update job details, and track delivery through a single dashboard
  • An easy-to-manage integrative system free from the need for endless phone calls, emails, or text messages.

Solutions for Shippers:

  • Real-time notifications that allow shippers to easily connect with clients through an automated system
  • Easily manage pickups, deliveries, and ETAs through an intuitive user interface
  • A complete history of each job, including digital signatures, job history, and any updated details
  • Internal system messaging to improve driver communication with dispatch, clients, and destinations - enhancing accuracy while lowering industry error or risk.

Project Results

FLS created an integrated transportation management system that could be easily and quickly accessed through a web application, iOS native app, and Android-based app available in their respective storefronts. Because of the flexible scalability, this allowed the Client to provide system services to anyone in the industry, regardless of size or scope.

All deliverables were created within the budget, timing, and communicated outline of needs from the Client. This meant we could present the Client with a fully functional application, including an attractive and easy-to-navigate front-end aesthetic that directly appealed to end users' needs and wants.

We are proud to be a part of a much-needed solution for the Canadian transportation industry. By using this new transport management system, end users can offer sophisticated messaging and real-time updates on the location, delivery, and status of vehicles flowing through the niche market. This allows our Client to provide incredible service to an ever-growing target market through a robust digital product that will ensure strong customer relationships in the future.

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