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How Fresh Lime Soft worked to provide relief to the US-based company by transforming their massive trading platform into a simple and maintainable solution adaptable for other markets.

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Technology stack :

React.js, C#, .NET, Redis, Microsoft Azure

Timeline :

6 months

Team size:

6 people

About the Client

The client is a FinTech company. From the early 2000s, they pursued the goal of becoming the first real-time electronic equities platform. After two decades they developed into a full-fledged trading platform that maintains markets across Europe.

An independent, safe, transparent, and regulated environment was created thanks to this platform, which allows traders, buyers, and processors to connect, market, distribute and transact with partners efficiently.


With time the platform became hard to maintain and scale. An increasing number of users caused system operations to become unstable, slow, and unpredictable. For our client, it was essential to clean and redesign the codebase to improve software processing, productivity, and adaptiveness.


We devised technological solutions matching the business needs. The Fresh Lime Soft team refactored the front-end component, designed a new back-end and developed a faster version of the system. In the end, an entirely new architecture adaptable to other markets was created.


As the first step, our team analyzed the entire system deeply and thoroughly. The discovery showed that the platform could not handle the increased workload due to the poor shortcuts taken during the previous development process.


To improve the whole system performance, we greatly reviewed front-end and back-end components. We did a colossal scope of work performing refactoring step-by-step and running tests after each change.

Frontend and Backend

The back-end's language was changed from Node.js to C#. The front-end component was also deeply restructured and optimized. We basically rewrote the client's MVP from scratch.


  1. Now the trading platform handles large workloads.
  1. The codebase is easy to read, understand and maintain.
  1. System has new Product and Technical documentation.
  1. Backend component adaptable to other markets.

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