Telemedicine Platform

FLS team has developed a custom telemedicine platform that bridges doctors and patients closer to each other, allows for providing online medical consultations.

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Technology stack :

React.JS, Node.JS, MySQL, Amazon Web Services

Timeline :

8 months

Team size:

6 people

Project Brief

FLS team has developed a custom telemedicine platform that bridges doctors and patients closer to each other and allows for providing and receiving medical consultations online without the need for a physical presence

About the Client

Our client is an EU-based large healthcare company that provides a broad range of medical services. Their objective was to develop a disruptive tool that would allow patients to access board-certified doctors in minutes and help doctors make their practices more efficient. It was vital that doctors be able to share their time between working in clinics and hospitals and making virtual care visits.


Our client was looking to develop a multifunctional AWS-based telemedicine platform and a patient web application for healthcare providers. It had to enable patients to access relevant doctors via video calls, so we had to ensure safe software management of all EHR (electronic health record) data. We also had to find ways to automate and streamline healthcare processes and connect patients and healthcare organizations, clinics, hospitals, laboratories, etc.

Our specific challenge was to create a system where video calls, chats, and payment transactions are equally supported. We also had to come up with the most efficient, reliable, and safe payment system for doctors.

The end product was supposed to provide remote medical video consultation services, allow patients to get consultations fast, make it easier for a doctor to access a patient's medical history, take notes, make a preliminary diagnosis, suggest treatment options, and write examination referrals. The app should also allow patient access to all the necessary EHR data.

Working Process

During the product development, we had to analyze and test five systems to ensure they met all of our video call requirements. Eventually, we selected three that suited our needs best, and only one of them was considered an optimal solution, as it was both easy to use and could be supported by different web browsers and mobile devices.


Our partnership with the clients resulted in building a HIPAA-compliant telemedicine platform complemented by a web application that drives change in healthcare services. It securely stores and shares personal healthcare data among healthcare providers and patients, helps automate manual tasks, and assists patients in all healthcare procedures.


The FLS team has carried out thorough comparative competitor research and come up with software tailored specifically to address the client's needs. The platform features an intuitive UI and employs robust security measures to keep sensitive PHI data private. To minimize the risk of losing it, we also implemented a multi-destination data backup.


The telemedicine platform provides a set of features for streamlining the consultation process - from onboarding to appointment scheduling and account management.

  • Simple authentication process. Patients can sign up easily using their emails or phone numbers and start working with the app immediately.
  • Broad choice of doctors. Search, selection, and appointment booking depending on location, type of disease, or doctor's specialty are available.
  • Access to doctors' profiles. Each doctor's qualifications, specialties, or certifications are available for patients to check before booking an appointment.
  • Favorites list. Patients can add the doctors they like best to the list of favorites.
  • Video consultation. Patients can connect with doctors via two-way video communication and get examined and diagnosed online.
  • Audio consultation. Alternatively, patients can employ an easy-to-use voice call option when the examination is unnecessary.
  • Secure messaging. A 24/7 chat for doctors and patients is accessible in case doctors need to check the health status of their patients in real-time.
  • Health and payment records. Patients can access their medical history, previous appointments, and payment transactions.
  • Extended account. Patients can add family members to their accounts, book appointments with necessary doctors for them, and access their EHR records.

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