Smart Access Control System

FLS developed and integrated a next-gen app for configuring office and building access control systems.

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Technology stack :

.NET, Angular, QT

Timeline :

9 months

Team size:

9 people

About the Client

Our client is a UK-based smart lock and security systems manufacturer. Initially, the company developed electronic locks, but now it offers security access products for various spaces and develops security systems for rental houses, offices, and other commercial premises and buildings (with a focus on intercoms, sensors, etc.). With years of experience and a large number of clients internationally, the company is one of the largest players on the market.

Project Brief

Our extended expertise in software development served as one of the reasons why the client chose us to accomplish frontend and backend development services for a large-scale and complex building security access project.


Our task was to cover both frontend and backend development, product design, integration, and testing. We needed to create a feature-rich product (a complex access control system) that enabled connection to cameras, Bluetooth sensors, Wi-Fi modules, keyboards, etc.

The system was supposed to handle other tasks:

  • For security purposes, we couldn't use any third-party services to enable the highest security level. Therefore, we had to develop our own security service from scratch.
  • To ensure seamless and efficient operation, we had to set up straightforward communication between smart locks and security systems, as well as between web and mobile devices.
  • We also had to facilitate remote control from a mobile device (from opening and closing commands to access code transfer to other devices and broadcasting video in the app).


The initial goal was to create a responsive web solution for a building access control system that could be seamlessly integrated with hardware APIs.

The Fresh Lime Soft team has created and integrated a next-gen app (both a web app and a mobile app) with extensive functionality. The developed app for configuring office and building access control systems allows using mobile devices and Bluetooth as well as biometric identification (fingerprint/iris matching) and RFID key cards instead of a standard access card or a key. It enables control of doors, access code sharing, and visitor tracking via live broadcasting.


  • App integration with the access system hardware
  • Setup of communication between smart locks and security systems
  • Setup of communication between web app and mobile devices
  • Remote control and management of the system from both desktop and mobile apps
  • A wide range of access methods
  • Full access management (schedules, rules, visitors)
  • Internal security service that enables video broadcasting security
  • Facility and tenant management
  • Generation and management of profiles for access devices
  • In-app subscription and payment management
  • Video reports on user actions and movements
  • Real-time event monitoring and custom event report creation
  • Call and log management
  • Etc.

We did our best to create a product that meets the business needs and requirements set by the client.

Frontend and Backend

We chose Microsoft .NET for backend development, as we needed to create a secure, fast, and scalable product, and this platform fits ideally. We chose the Angular framework as it provided high performance and the native app-like experience we had in mind. It's also considered the best shot for complex digital products with high security requirements.

Since it was essential to quickly receive and process data from different devices, we chose the Qt cross-platform framework. It also met our speed and adaptability requirements.


Fresh Lime Soft delivered the web part of the app for the complex access control system. It's now actively used by the client's customers—from administrative units to individuals. At the moment, we're planning to scale up and utilize ML to enhance the system's potential.

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