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FLS team designed and developed a restaurant search application, providing users with an intuitive and personalized restaurant search and reservation experience

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Food & Beverage

Technology stack :

React Native, Node.js, MySQL, IOS, Android, Amazon Web Services, Google Places, Maps API

Timeline :

3 months

Team size:

6 people

About the Client

Based in the U.S., our client is one of the largest corporations in the restaurant and food services industry. They contacted us with a request to design and develop a mobile application that will help users find restaurants and make table reservations fast and easily. The company is well-known both in the U.S. and worldwide, operates internationally, and is listed in Fortune 500.

Project Brief

The mobile app will provide users with a more convenient dining experience and allow them to make restaurant reservations in advance. The app will streamline the entire booking process:

  • Searching for a restaurant (within the vicinity, locally, or in a designated area)
  • Making a reservation (before arrival)
  • Checking the menu (with the list of both regular dishes and daily specials available)
  • Ordering a food delivery service (from any restaurant)
  • Giving feedback to restaurants and cafes (as well as providing a rating of them)

By developing an app with a laconic and aesthetic design and providing a seamless user experience, the company wants to help users manage their time more efficiently.


The client came to us with the following challenge: to build an app that would help users find restaurants, make reservations, and rate their experience.

Here are the challenges that were faced:

  • The company already had an existing in-house development team working on the project.
  • There were several limitations to building the app that we had to address


Together with the in-house team, we came up with an application that addressed all of the client’s requirements and allowed searching for restaurants, booking tables, leaving feedback, and accessing restaurant services any time.

Here are some of the solutions we've implemented:

  • Three-step search algorithm: by name, by location, and by dish — to provide the most personalized search possible
  • Registration — to allow users to register and sign in and keep track of their reservation history
  • Restaurant search based on current geolocation — to connect customers and local restaurants in real-time
  • Filtered search based on a specific dish — for true food connoisseurs
  • Feedback and rating system — to allow users to share their gastronomic (and restaurant service) experience
  • Photo sharing functionality — to add a more interactive feel to the app as well as to help users make decisions based on visual facts
  • Reservation confirmation via SMS and email.


We've built the mobile app with a simple and creative design and functionality, providing users with an intuitive and personalized restaurant search and reservation experience. Whether they are at work or in a traffic jam, the users are now only a few taps away from booking a table.

Key accomplishments of the mobile app include:

  • Development of the iOS app
  • Development of the administration system
  • Mobile API
  • An integrated rating system
  • An integrated payment system (Stripe)

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