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FLS team has developed a web application to organize a straightforward registration process for Food Safety courses and exams. Raise The Grade will help streamline and efficiently manage the entire course organization.

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Education , CMS, SaaS

Technology stack :

React.JS, Node.JS, DynamoDB, Amazon Web Services

Timeline :

7 months

Team size:

9 people

About the Client

The City Kitchen provides education in the field of food safety and hospitality services. It operates in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Georgia and offers ServSafe® training and certification for people who want to learn the standards of the food service industry. All classes are supervised by instructors with vast experience in various areas of the restaurant business, from commercial food preparation and sanitation to marketing and finance.

Project Brief

The Fresh Lime Soft team has developed a web application to organize a straightforward registration process for Food Safety courses and exams. The app will help streamline and efficiently manage the entire course organization, registration, and payment process while reducing manager workload.


The entire course registration process was performed via phone, which was inefficient, time-consuming, and exhausting for both managers and students. Payments were made via third-party vendors and had to be confirmed via phone once again. The entire management system lacked flexibility and required transformation and update.


The Fresh Lime Soft team delivered a ready-to-use solution that suits the business needs, meets all the client's wishes and requirements, facilitates course organization, registration, and payment, reduces manager engagement time, alleviates the overall workload, while streamlining the processes.


The client came to us with several ideas on how to solve the existing problems and improve the processes. Therefore, our goal was to find the best possible ways of realization and suggest the most effective technological solutions and methods of implementation.

Frontend and Backend

We chose JS-based technologies for both frontend and backend development. Since scalability and the possibility to maintain and manage a large amount of data efficiently were our key priorities, we've evaluated all requirements and chose AWS DynamoDB as the best possible database service for the application.


  • The app allows managers to carry out a flawless registration process for new students, promptly make changes in the schedule, and add new courses.
  • Corporate clients and individual students can undergo a simple and easy online registration and make payments in the app. The entire process takes less than 5 minutes. No more phone calls.
  • Instructors receive class roosters, sent automatically, with detailed information about schedules, venues, and class attendees to their emails.
  • Clients and students can access their test results as soon as they are ready on the web application, and certificates are automatically sent via email.

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