is a no-code tool that enables entrepreneurs of all sizes to manage their businesses by creating and running a website of varying complexity.

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Technology stack :

React.JS, Java, MySQL, Apache Web Server, Google charts, Apache Tom Cat

Timeline :

12 months

Team size:

9 people

About the Client

The client was a startup helping all kinds of businesses facing critical challenges in the management of internal document flow. The client needed to build a no-code solution to streamline this process and run the business more efficiently.

Project Brief is a no-code tool that enables entrepreneurs of all sizes to manage their businesses by creating and running a website of varying complexity. The specific purpose of the platform is to provide the functionality that allows drawing complex templates without coding.


The FLS team was assigned the task of creating a tool with complex functionality that allows building digital products without code. Yet, we were able to produce not just a no-code tool but a game-changer when it comes to building out website logic and managing internal documentation and databases.


We've developed a no-code platform that can be used by companies searching for ways to improve their business processes. In, they can write and send emails, create company home pages, and more. The platform allows one to build charts based on data, and use a built-in communication center. It can also be used to send both emails and notifications using data chats for internal and/or unregistered users.


At the discovery phase, we gathered requirements and focused on the following objectives: to create a fast and visual drag-and-drop canvas that allows leveraging components and streamlining internal document flow within a company, as well create a system that enables efficient communication with unregistered users. To meet the client's needs, we've designed a free tier for users and a paid tier for businesses.


FLS's growing expertise helped us dive deeply into project requirements and implement them at the business level. The resulting solution was a platform offering the following rich functionality:

  • Simple, uncluttered UI
  • A board choice of various types of components for template builders
  • A chart-builder (based on data)
  • Functionality to send notifications and charts for internal use
  • A multi-language interface (for international use)
  • A built-in payment system
  • And so much more. was developed as a no-code tool with time-saving templates so that a company's website can be easily managed with regard to its growing needs. All processes on the platform can be performed either manually or using rules.

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