Fresh Lime Soft provided web development services for Anytime Soccer. Anytime Soccer is a platform for providing online training content.

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Technology stack :

React.js, Node.js, MongoDB, Amazon Web Services, Vimeo API

Timeline :

4 months

Team size:

5 people

About the Client

A private soccer coach in the US was looking to develop a web app to showcase his knowledge and expertise. He was also seeking to enable parents and other coaches to use his techniques in soccer training. Having years of experience with training and teaching kids of different ages to play soccer, he needed software to take his teaching methods online and make them accessible to everyone.

Project Brief

Anytime Soccer is a coaching platform that helps teach kids to play soccer by using video tutorials delivered by a professional coach. The platform provides access to the author's course, practices, and drills.


We needed to create the most effective "watch-and-learn" tool that can be used by parents in teaching their kids how to play soccer, as well as by professional coaches working with kids. In the process of the web app development, we had to ensure that all the following objectives were met:

  • Vimeo integration. To simplify the development process and eliminate the need for unnecessary coding, we arranged the entire video content to be uploaded to, stored, and managed on the Vimeo account and not on the web app itself. The changes were then pulled up to the app through Vimeo integration.
  • Complex educational program. We needed to come up with the best program structure, as the app is targeted both for overall development with age-appropriate soccer practices and for the development of specific professional skills.
  • Time tracking and tracking of videos watched. Competition is a driving force of any development; therefore, we needed to develop a tracking system that both made one stick to the required minimum of practice hours while challenging them to perform better than others.
  • Paywall integration. To meet the funding strategy goals, we needed to implement a paywall monetization model to allow access to the main content and limit access to an extended set of features available by a subscription.
  • Role system. We needed to develop the functionality where a user can change roles - parent, kid, coach, team manager, etc. - without changing their account.


FLS has built a platform where any kid - either themself or with the help of a parent or a coach - can learn to play soccer from a highly-professional coach. The platform additionally allows them to hone their skills, while gaining valuable experience. We developed Anytime Soccer to make the process of soccer training more convenient and enjoyable. Flexible and easy-to-use, the app allows the following of a training plan fit for individual needs.

Frontend and Backend

Both frontend and backend development was carried out with the help of JS-based technologies as they are most efficient for the set objectives. Among other technologies, we've chosen MongoDB to tackle the challenges set by the potential scalability of a project and the necessity to manage an extensive database. We also used Vimeo API to upload video content to the app.


FLS stayed to deliver ongoing maintenance of the platform, as both its frontend and backend components with database structure are constantly updated to meet the evolving requirements.


FLS delivered Anytime Soccer, a platform designed for amateur and professional use that makes soccer training a pleasurable and highly productive experience accessible both to parents with kids and professional coaches working with teams. Detailed video tutorials from a highly-qualified coach with easy-to-follow instructions, makes Anytime Soccer not only a perfect teaching and training tool but also a smart way to learn to play soccer.

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