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GoodFirms Interviews Fresh Lime Soft’s CEO Andrew Shaban

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Anna Stark

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GoodFirms talked to Andrew Shaban, CEO and Founder at Fresh Lime Soft, who shared the company’s story, path to success he's going to, and plans.

App-Up Your Future: Andrew Shaban

Once a wholesale and e-commerce dealer, Andrew Shaban, after spending 12 years in various businesses, found success at Fresh Lime Soft and is now benefitting world businesses with his coding expertise and managerial solutions.

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They are the leader in mobile app development, web development, and app & web design technologies and have now become extremely capable of addressing clients’ business challenges by providing reliable and scalable digital products and services.

It was surprising to learn that Andrew Shaban learned and honed his trade tactics through online study on LinkedIn when no other businesses were helping him to have a successful professional career. “I even built from scratch a profitable company in metal structure construction. But it turned out that creating innovative services and products for people was my true passion and calling,” he says.

In an interview with GoodFirms - the leading review and rating firm, Andrew Shaban - the CEO & Founder of Fresh Lime Soft, shared that he also worked as a full-stack freelance developer and self-employed professional coder for some companies when the idea of setting up his own venture came to his mind, and thus, Fresh Lime Soft came into existence in 2015.

“My role as FLS Founder & CEO is to drive the business forward through all challenges. To be more specific, right now I am focused on marketing and planning strategies for new customer acquisitions”, he says. “This summer, we launched a new development center in Batumi, aiming to build a bigger presence in Georgia over the next few years. So, I also deal with all issues arising during the center’s establishment. Finally, one of my additional responsibilities is to oversee inner startup development and to search for like-minded investors to provide our products with financial fuel.”

Fresh Lime Soft Establishes ‘App Futures’

As an international custom software development company, Shaban and team are successfully meeting the tech needs of today’s era utilizing technology stack such as React.js, Angular, Vue.js, Node.js, React Native, Ionic, iOS, Android, .NET, Java, Python, C++, and Machine Learning.

The developers in the company work as a team and are motivated to produce the best and most valued results. The in-house team of professionals prefers real-time communication and a controlled development process to develop qualitative, robust, and scalable web and mobile apps, business automation solutions, MVP, and AI/ML. Timely team education improves performance quality that is assessed every 3 to 6 months.

Tech giants and grounded professionals think of the software development industry as a big blue ocean with ample space. They see a business's digital transformation as only a matter of time. Andrew Shaban finds it a professional approach to developing products that set us apart from many other companies.

“At FLS, we never forget that digital transformation is not about technology — it’s all about people and business”, he asserts “Since we develop software on bespoke, we go the extra mile to understand clients' needs. So in the end, we know more about their business, goals, and challenges than the next software developer off the street.” Here, Shaban actually claims to be a true technology partner dedicated to meeting their client’s business needs and supporting their future growth tomorrow.

Meeting Needs of Diverse Industries

Meeting the needs of various industries like Education, Healthcare, FinTech, FoodTech, Entertainment, etc., and having professional expertise in business automation tools & Machine Learning technologies helped FLS establish 80% of its clients as long-time partners. Anytime Soccer is an enthusiastic "watch-and-learn" football project that is getting immense appreciation in the market, where FLS professionals exclusively provide technical support, teaching, and training functions.

FLS is ranked as the top mobile app development company in Estonia in the GoodFirms ranking list and is appreciated globally for its profound services. The customers mainly approach FLS for its Custom Business Automation Software services. Go Clear for construction management and Raise The Grade for registration processes for Food Safety Courses have been the most powerful web applications developed by the company.

Customer Satisfaction and Client Support

FLS rates itself 4 out of 5 points when it comes to client satisfaction. Honesty and empathy with realistic expectations in all development processes make it retain its clients.

"After finishing a project, we provide full maintenance support taking care of the production server, security, and all updates. In the case of critical bugs, we fix them as soon as possible, working all day long and on weekends. If bugs are not critical or if there have to be some changes or augmentations to the project made, we perform this job according to schedule," he says.

Agile Products That Pay Forever

Custom software products and services are always offered at FLS per agile methodology. The time and Material contract method is facilitated for those struggling short of project flexibility, and the Fixed-Priced method is followed for the expensive ones that demand timely completion.

"We are willingly helping different businesses achieve their goals. There are many ways that this can be done, even on a basic budget. In our company, it is equal to two months' worth of one developer's work", the CEO says. "For example, last year, one of our specialists was engaged in the client's project by the out staff model for $10,000."

For, the company charged $300,000 for a long-term project of up to 16 months. "Our team delivered a no-code tool that enables entrepreneurs of all sizes to manage their businesses by creating and running a website of varying complexity," he adds.

Global Expansion

While Fresh Lime Soft has expanded so much in the past ten years it aims to become the top destination for entrepreneurs to receive tactical advice and partnerships for starting and scaling their products and services.

"In a decade, I see in the FLS portfolio world-renowned brands such as Tesla, Sony, and more. We have been expanding our presence to the USA, Great Britain, and UAE. We will develop a flagship product that will make a difference in the world and bring something fresh, lime, and soft to everyday life", he concludes the interview.

This was an excerpt; the detailed interview can be viewed on the company's profile page on GoodFirms.

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