Description: Site for the sale of bus and air tours.

Objective and Tasks: We made a website with a modern design and with a more informative tour card. Our team also faced the following tasks: optimization of work with travel agencies; make the booking process convenient for tourists; add the ability to pay for the tour at any time of the day.

Solution: For informativeness, infographic elements were used that improve the perception of a large amount of information. The adaptive version of the new site allows you to effectively interact with the resource from the most common mobile device. To optimize work with agencies, the system automates the issuance of all documents for the agency, monitors the validity of the contract, displays real quotas for tours, and also allows you to upload arbitrary documents on a trip. For the convenience of booking, the booking process has been reduced to 2 steps. When re-booking, the client can choose tourists from previous orders, which makes the booking process much more convenient. A detailed description of the tour allows the client to get almost all the necessary information. Acquiring was connected and tested to pay for the order. The site has a built-in payment system, as well as an automatic system for selecting tours and a feedback system

Technology: Laravel 5.6, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery